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How old is Foghorn Leghorn?

Foghorn J. Leghorn made his first appearance in Walky Talky Hawky on August 31, 1946. See the related link listed below for more information:

What does over mean?

It means on top of ... but you may have heard it on radio - such as walki-talky, where two people talk on the same frequency ... there it's used as a method of saying that you're done speaking. (Short… Full Answer

What is another word for a talktive person?

articulate, big-mouthed, chattering, chatty, effusive, eloquent, fluent, full of hot air, gabby, garrulous, glib, gossipy, long-winded, loose-lipped, loquacious, loudmouthed, mouthy, multiloquent, prolix, rattling, talky, verbal, verbose, vocal, voluble, windy, wordy