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What is the journey of a cocoa bean?

Watch Good Eats on Food Network. There is an episode on coffee and chocolate and it tells you about the cocoa bean and it's journey to be made into something delicious, or just about its heritage and how it became… Full Answer

What is the chocolate bean to bar process?

The bean to bar process infers the conversion of the cocoa bean into actual chocolate bars. The quality of this process (or lack there-of) can affect the taste, texture, color and consistency. Mars, Incorporated is one of the few remaining… Full Answer

Does chocolate liquor contain caffeine?

Yes. During chocolate making, the fibrous husk that surrounds each bean is removed through a process of breaking the bean into pieces, separating the husk from the bean, and then winnowing away the lighter husk from the heavier nibs by… Full Answer

What does caca mean in spanish?

Cocoa. As in the cocoa bean that goes in chocolate. Ignore the previous statement because someone posted that incorrectly; they probably meant Cacao, which is the actual word for the Cocoa bean that comes from the Cocoa tree and is… Full Answer