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What are some symptoms of peptic ulcer?

The main symptom of peptic ulcer are a burning sensation around the stomach area, which gets worse when the stomach is empty and sometimes gets less worse when the patient has just eaten. Other symptoms might be nausea and vomiting… Full Answer

Black stools in dogs?

If you see black stools in your dog, your dog is sick. Most likely, the black stool will go away. If your dog keeps having the black stool, you should take him in for a check-up.

Why feces black?

Sometimes feces can come out black because they have blood in them. This is the usual cause of black stool.

Why would feces be black green in color?

Black/green stool would indicate blood somewhere in the GI tract. It usually would have "coffee grinds" look to it. See a doctor, you probably have an intestinal ulcer or severe irritation. It will probably be taken care of with some… Full Answer

What are the symptoms of esophageal varices?

The symptoms of esophageal varices are vomiting blood, black stool and in severe cases shock. An esophageal varice is also a sign of liver disease. Jaundice, a yellowing of the skin and eyes, is a common sign of this.

Is black stool a sign of pregnancy?

Black stools can occur during pregnancy, but are not a sign of pregnancy. Black stools can be caused by things such as blood in the stool, an ulcer, or gastritis. If they continue for more than a couple of days… Full Answer

What are some of the causes of black stool?

Black stool is a condition where the feces are very dark in color. It can be the symptom of a variety of diseases or disorders. To be absolutely sure, you should consult your local doctor who can make a diagnosis.