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What is the third riech?

The third Reich is the common name used for Nazi Germany while it was governed by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party from 1933 to 1945.
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What was the purpose of the third riech?

The purpose of the third Reich was to destroy not only the Jews living in continental Europe (mostly Hitler's idea) but to destroy the status quo that Great Britan and France ( Full Answer )
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What was the first riech?

The First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire (the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, Heiliges Römisches Reich deutscher Nation, not the ancient Roman Empire), 800 - 1806. ( Full Answer )
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Warum ist die banane krumm?

It grows up and gravity bends the fruit. Er wächst auf und Schwerkraft beugt sich die Frucht.
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Ich mans what?

The word "ich" is German for "I." (i.e. "Ich liebe dich," "Ich bin eine Frau," ect.) Hope this helps.
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Ich habe am?

Ich habe am translates as I have.....on... i.e. Ich habe am 5. November einen Zahnarzt-Termin - I have a dentist's appointment on November 5th.
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Warum muss ich zur schule gehen?

Warum muss ich zur Schule gehen translates as why do I have to go to school.
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What is ich?

Ich, also known as ick is a parasite that looks like white dots (looks like he was sprinkled with salt) all over his body and head, even eyes. He may be less active, may hav ( Full Answer )
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How do you pronounce ich?

Go to the link: there is a lot of German there. Partly depends on dialect: in the south and in Austria it tends to be pronounced as 'ish', but in the northern parts it is pro ( Full Answer )
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What is a Zlich ich?

Zlich is not a German word. Ich means I , the personal pronoun. Zilch is English for nothing and is also not a German word.
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Warum sind die Amerikaner alle so dumm?

So you want to know why all Americans are so stupid? Apart from being a racist, bigotted question, it shows how stupid you are if you feel you have to ask it in the first plac ( Full Answer )
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Warum wurde der skywalk gebaut?

Why was the skywalk built? If you would like more than just a translation, please submit more information, in particular, which skywalk you are referring to.
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What does 'ich weiβ nicht warum ich sie liebe' mean?

Ich weiß nicht, warum ich sie liebe. - I don't know why I love her. Ich weiß nicht, warum ich Sie liebe. - I don't know why I love you. (using the formal you should be ( Full Answer )
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Warum kannst du nicht Deutsche gesprechen?

The grammatically correct form is: Warum kannst Du nicht Deutsch sprechen? which translates as Why can't you speak German?
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Er ist warum ich Leben liebe?

Er ist warum ich das Leben liebe translates as He is why I love life.
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What does ich bin nach wales mean?

There is a verb missing here so it is difficult to translate properly. Ich bin nach Wales gefahren - I travelled to Wales
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How is ich transferred?

The protozoa, Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (or "Ich"), is transferred readily from tank to tank by infected fish, plants, and equipment. You should never use a net, or even yo ( Full Answer )
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When did Steve Riech die?

He hasn't. Steve Reich, who is 70 years old as this is being written, has not died. 21 May 2013
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What actors and actresses appeared in Warum - 2005?

The cast of Warum - 2005 includes: Stefanie Grabner as Judith Lange Judith Kauffmann as Heike Christian Seebacher as Alfons Philipp Wradatsch as Phillip Neudorfer
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What actors and actresses appeared in Ich sehne mich nach dir - 1934?

The cast of Ich sehne mich nach dir - 1934 includes: Rudolf Essek as Der Intendant Maja Feist as His Wife Louis Graveure as Fritz Brockmann, Sportlehrer Camilla Horn as Ivonne ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Ich will nach Hause - 1980?

The cast of Ich will nach Hause - 1980 includes: Angela Brunner as Mutter von Frank Sabine Fritsche as Kollegin Uwe Geyer as Volkspolizist Anita Herbst as Frau Janse Ruth Komm ( Full Answer )
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What are the release dates for Albert - warum - 1978?

Albert - warum - 1978 was released on: West Germany: 27 October 1978 (Hofer Filmtage) West Germany: 28 October 1978 West Germany: February 1979 (Berlin International Fi ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Anita Rieche written?

Anita Rieche has written: 'Arbeit' 'Das antike Italien aus der Luft' -- subject(s): Aerial photographs, Antiquities, Pictorial works