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In french what does Mme mean?

Mme is the abbreviated form of "madame", i.e. Mrs. Melle / Melles. ("mademoiselle/mesdemoiselles) is the translation of Miss/Misses Ms. has no French equivalent - French p ( Full Answer )
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How were king Louis XV and king louisXIV related?

Louis XIV was the great-grandfather of Louis XV.. Louis XIV had a son: Louis, dauphin of France. This son married and got a son as well: Louis, duke of Burgundy. This latter ( Full Answer )
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What is a pompadour?

I don't know about the hair thing. However I do know that Pompadour is a character in the children's tv series "Babar". He is an elephant and he is the king's royal advisor. T ( Full Answer )
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How many French kings named Louis?

Depends whether you're a royalist or a republican. Royalists pretend the revolution didn't happen, and that there were 18 Louis. Republicans point out that Louis XVII never ac ( Full Answer )
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What was Louis XV famous for?

He is probably most famous for his many mistresses. He had build a special retreat in the gardens of Versailles where he installed a complete harem of very young prostitutes. ( Full Answer )
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How old is King Louis XV of France?

King Louis XV of France was born on February 15, 1710 and died on May 10, 1774. King Louis XV of France would have been 64 years old at the time of death or 305 years old toda ( Full Answer )
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Who was Louis XV?

Louis XV was King of France from 1 September 1715 until his death on 10 May 1774.
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Why was Louis Philippe overthrown as a King of the French?

Under his management the conditions of the working classes deteriorated, and the income gap widened considerably. An economic crisis in 1847 led to the citizens of France revo ( Full Answer )
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Who was King Louis XV of France?

Louis XV was the king of France from 1715-1774. During his reign France participated in three major wars: The War of the Polish Succession, The War of the Austrian Succession, ( Full Answer )
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Was king Louis XVI a bad person?

No, he was a good king who wanted nothing but the best for his people.. The fact that his great grandfather Louis XIV and his grandfather Louis XV left France bankrupt when h ( Full Answer )
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How did the reign of Louis XV and Louis XVI contribute to the causes of the French revolution?

During the Seven Year's War France lost most of its overseas treasure to Great Britain. The resulting ecomnomic damage almost destroyed the monarchy. However, some of the econ ( Full Answer )
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Who was Louis XVI and Louis XV?

They were both Kings of France. Louis XV died because of smallpox and Louis XVI died on the guillotine. Given the choice, most rational humans would opt for the guillotine.
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Who was Louis XIV and Louis XV?

Louis XIV was king of France for much of the 17th century and into the early 18th century. Louis XV was king of France in the 18th century.Louis is not important and history i ( Full Answer )
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What kind of King was Louis XV of France and why did he not take any steps to avoid the coming revolution?

King Louis XVI was one of the most ineffective rulers of France (and that's saying a lot because it's France). After his reforms failed, he basically "checked out" mentally fr ( Full Answer )
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Who were the children of King Louis XV of France and what happened to them.?

He and his wife Maria Leszczynska had eleven children:. Louise-Elisabeth, born 14 August 1727, died 6 December 1759: Duchess of Parma, had issue . Henriette-Anne born 14 A ( Full Answer )
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Did a person named Damiens attempt to kill Louis XV?

Yes. Robert-Francois Damiens public execution in the Place de Grève was the spectaclle of the year. It took about 4 hours to complete the drawing and quartering death penal ( Full Answer )
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Why did King Louis XV invent the stapler?

King Louis XV did not invent the stapler or paper fastener. It is probably nothing more than an Urban legend. No document sign by the King has ever been found to support the i ( Full Answer )
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Son of Louis XV?

Louis, Dauphin of France, who died in 1765 (aged 36) Philippe de France, who died in 1733 (aged 3) Both of them died before the end of Louis XV's reign. His son Louis had 3 s ( Full Answer )
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What was the reign of Louis XV?

From 1 Septemer 1715 until 10 May 1774 or for 58 years and 251 days.
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How many mistresses did Louis XV of France have?

They are countless. Louis XV was a particularly potent individual that was chronically unfaithful to his wife. His most famous mistresses were unquestionably Madame de Pompado ( Full Answer )
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Where did king Louis xv got executed?

Louis XV wasn't executed but died of disease. It is Louis XVI (the 16th) who got beheaded on the 'place de la Concorde' (then "revolution square") in Paris, on January 21st, 1 ( Full Answer )
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Was King Louis the 16th a bad person?

Yes he was. He was a traitor and he tried to escape by leaving Versailles because he couldn't fix the damage he'd already done. Everybody hated him.
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What was king Louis xvi personality like?

he was a shlub. he was very uninterested, and he enjoyed picking locks. he also suffered from a type of erectile disfunction.
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How many children did Louis XV have?

If you mean with his wife? 11, not with his wife... ehhmmm... no one really knows the real answer... it could be hundreds...
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Why are all French kings named Louis?

They aren't. All right, there were 17 Louis, but also 10 Charles, 6 Philippes and 4 Henris. Out of 69 Kings, Louis only represents 26 percent.
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Why did king Louis XV skip a generation to the throne?

Actually, two generations, because both his grandfather and his father died before his great-grandfather. A similar thing happened in the next generation, when Louis XV oulive ( Full Answer )
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Why was Louis xv infatuated with du Barry?

(Marie-) Jeanne Bécu was of lowly birth; no aristocratic blood, no political advantage. In her early years she had to find means how to feed herself as best she could, havi ( Full Answer )
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How did King Louis XV justify his flight from Paris?

Louis XV died peacefully in Versailles on May 10, 1774. He neverfleed from France at any point in his life. As a result, the "why"is unanswerable. If perhaps the question is ( Full Answer )