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How do sociologist study society?

Sociologists study society by looking at the effect of institutions on the individual. A specific example would be a sociologist who looks at the ways that religion influence and shape an individual's life.

Is criminal justice a social study?

Yes it could be. The socialization of people affects behavior and criminal behavior can be the outcome. So, therefore, it is a study in social behavior and attitudes concerning crime in society.

What is the moral of rumble fish?

The moral of this movie is that your environment, social and economic conditions along with the influence that other people's actions and lives have upon you shape your personality and your way of behaving within the society

What type if society does Canada have?

almost exactly the same lifestyle as the United States. Lower Crime rates, mostly urban population. Heavy influence of American media and entertainment. Attitudes of the people are different and they have some distinct culture differences. But all in all Canadian… Full Answer

What does culture means?

It is artistic and social pursuits. The tastes valued by a society or class as in arts, manners and dress. It is the attitudes, feelings. values and behavior that characterises society or any social group in it