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What is the definition of Sediments?

Sediments are loose grains and chemical residues of rocks, minerals, plants, animals, or rust. Sediments are also products of weathering processes and they have sources, or places of origin..

What is an astrobiologist?

An astrobiologist is a scientist whose speciality is astrobiology, study of the origin of life in the universe, particularly extraterrestrial life.

Are rocks sediments?

Technically rocks are not sediments, rather sediments are derived from weathered rock material. These sediments may conslidate and form rocks such as sandstones and mudstones, which include shales and siltstones. This variety of rock types is of sedimentary origin. Other… Full Answer

Are cows aliens?

As far as thousands of years of breeding, evolutionary studies, genetic observations, and common sense are concerned, there is no evidence that cows are of extraterrestrial origin.

Is it true that a comet killed the dinosaurs?

There is strong evidence that an extraterrestrial object impacted near the Yucatan peninsula. There is also evidence that a boundary layer was formed that is rich in iridium. The most plausible origin of this iridium is an extraterrestrial impact. Below… Full Answer

What does the term extraterrestrial refer to?

The term extraterrestrial can be adjective or noun. In adjective case, the term extraterrestrial refer occurring or existing beyond the earth's atmosphere. In noun case, the term extraterrestrial refer being from the beyond the earth's atmosphere.