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What are some good mystery books?

If you are looking for a laugh and a good mystery you should read the Sisters Grimm books by Micheal Buckly. To elaborate on this answer, you are asking a pretty broad ques ( Full Answer )
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What are some Childrens mystery books?

Missing Since Monday by Ann M. Martain or The Boxcar Children series. The Case of the Phony Masterpiece and The Case of the Wounded Pigeon (both Whiz Tanner Mysteries--WhizTa ( Full Answer )
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Is the book twilight a mystery story?

No. It's not a mystery book. It's actually a vampire/romance book. It should not be read by little ones under the age of ten,or, maybe eleven years old. But it is infact a vam ( Full Answer )
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What are good mystery books?

No Time For Goodbye by Linwood Barclay Men at arms by Terry Pratchitt The silver Pigs By Lindsey Davis
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What book is this from as mysteriously as he came he was gone?

It's not from a book. The character Oscar from The Office says it in the season 5 episode "Two Weeks." It's an allusion to the 1995 film The Usual Suspects when Verbal say ( Full Answer )
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Is the mysterious stranger a fiction book?

Yes, it is- it was written by Mark Twain between 1890 and his death in 1910, and is the story of a young man called Satan, who is the innocent, non-evil nephew of the actual B ( Full Answer )
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Is the book Holes a mystery book?

in a way it is. i read that book in a day and was very intrigued by it. i thought of it as a mystery in a way. really i think it is the way that you think about the book as a ( Full Answer )
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What a good kids mystery book?

Grizzly bears journey If you can find some of the old Alfred Hitchcock Three Investigators books, they're great.
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What are some mystery books for teens?

Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes is a great detective and just individual altogether. He was thrown off the team however after he was arrested for the following; Drug Pos ( Full Answer )
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Is The Titan's Curse a Mystery book?

Well, since the first one is most likely an action, mystery book, this one should be, too. I hope that answers your question! : ) . well u would have to read it to know but ( Full Answer )
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Can a mystery book be realistic fiction book?

Of course! Any sort of fiction can be made realistic, it simply depends on the plot and the author's intentions for the story.
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What are the name of the books of A to Z Mysteries?

A-The Absent Author B-The Bald Bandit C-The Canary Caper D-The Deadly Dungeon E-The Empty Envelope F-The Falcon's Feather's G-The goose's Gold H-The Haunted Hotel I-The Invisi ( Full Answer )
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Is the book stolen children a mystery book?

Not quite, its about a girl trying to get back home with a little girl because theyve been held hostage for money.
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Are Annie barrows books mystery books?

If you were really hoping that Annie Barrows did write mystery books I'm sorry to say she doesn't. She writes Ivy+Bean Books and The Magic Half I'm sure she wrote more books t ( Full Answer )
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Why is the book the sisters Grimm a mystery?

Its because their parents were missing and they wanted to find out where they were.I read only part of it,so i know some.
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Why is flush a mystery book?

the book flush isn't a mystery the only way that it could be a mystery is that if you don't think that the one guy who owns the boat is the person who's dumping his wastes int ( Full Answer )
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What anilamil is a kittiewake?

A Kittiewake (Latin - Rissa tridactyla) is a small sea bird, a member of the gull family.
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What are good mystery books for teens?

The Boxcar Children. . . the series is a little older but I loved them when I was a teen.
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Is secret garden a mystery book?

yes it is a mystery book ! i had the same problem when i was a kid :)
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How can you tell if a book is a mystery book?

Well I don't know if there is in fact a certain way to tell. I would say look at the summary and tell for yourself. If that fails ask someone, like a librarian.
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Is Wolves of the Beyond the book a mystery book?

well i can tell you they are great books of the impossible.the books are filled with action but mystery ummm well....... i don't think it has mystery but if you love action, t ( Full Answer )
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Is The Lightning Thief A mystery book?

The lightning thief is not a mystery book. Reason being because it is full of mythological creatures and events, therefore, it is a fantasy or mythology book
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What makes a mystery book?

A mystery book has to have a puzzle and lot's of exciting happenings. It needs to grip the reader by the scruff of the neck and never let it go. Most mystery books have detect ( Full Answer )
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Is silverfin a mystery book?

Yes, Charlie Higson's Silverfin can be considered a mystery book, as well as an adventure/spy thriller.
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Is black beauty a mystery book?

This website is stupid. My brother has a book report and he will answer it yourself morons!
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What is a great name for a mystery book?

the rapist in the back yard If Only They Had Sung Endlessly The Leaves Are Falling Sharps (term used by med professionals for needles and other thingsthat stick or cut) Minist ( Full Answer )
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Is there a book called The Mysterious Girl?

No but there are two similar books: . The Mystery Girl by Gertrude Chandler Warner . Mystery Girl by David Gordon