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What is GSM?

GSM is a technology which is the leading cell phone standard all over the world. In 1982 it was recognized as a standard for digital wireless communications and was first adop ( Full Answer )
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What services does gsm provide?

GSM SERVICES . GSM services . GSM services are a standard collection of applications and features available to mobile phone subscribers all over the world. The GSM ( Full Answer )
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What are the disadvantages of gsm?

Answer . well so far gsm hasn't got a spread spectrum technology, the data packe ts are not coded appropriately thus loss of data
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What is GSM communications?

GSM stands for "Global System for Mobile communications", which was a replacement for the former AMPS and TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) formats of analog cellular telep ( Full Answer )
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What are lenses?

They are curved transparent materials that make light rays come together or spread out.or a lens is a transparent material which has one or more surfaces curved for the purpos ( Full Answer )
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How do you jam GSM?

A high power RF emitter wold do the job. However, if you do it successfully, a lot of people will get real upset about not being able to use the GSM networks, they complain an ( Full Answer )
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What is gsm uplink?

Hi,. For every GSM band there are Uplink and downlink frequencies.. Example:. GSM 900 TX: 880 MHz to 915 MHz is an uplink frequency range. GSM 900 RX: 925 MHz to 960 MHz i ( Full Answer )
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What is E-GSM?

E-GSM is the band of frequency in a small radio or a wireless phone. The band is 880-A890 MHz small radio frequency band used in Europe to provide added network capacity for G ( Full Answer )
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What are rayban gsm lenses?

GSM label in RayBan sunglasses stands for Gradient Silver Mirror . This is mainly found in Polarized models, where the upper zone of the lens is darker than the bottom (in ( Full Answer )
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What is the importance of GSM?

Majority of the carriers worldwide use GSM technology, wherein SIM cards are utilized to store information, like contacts, and data. With this technology, it's just easy to us ( Full Answer )
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What is the GSM?

GSM Stands for Global System foe Mobile Communications.It uses TDMA and FDMA accessing techniques for effective utilization of frequency spectrum.
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Why is the gsm 900 better than gsm 1800 and gsm 1900?

As the frequency increase its penetration power decreases.The signal travels a lesser distance.Hence for a perticular area more no of towers need to be erected in 1800/1900 th ( Full Answer )
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What are advanteges of GSM?

There are many benefits to GSM phone service and perhaps the best is that you can use cell phone with other provider. It is nice when using a cell phone that you can call whoe ( Full Answer )
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Gsm 900 vs gsm 1800?

GSM-900 and GSM-1800 . GSM-900 and GSM-1800 are used in most parts of the world: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and most of Asia. In South and Central America the f ( Full Answer )
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What is a GSM and how does it work?

Gsm is a mobile coverage statement. Some of the gsm carriers are in lists on google. If you have a phone that is gsm capable, then get a gsm carrier SIM card that has your pla ( Full Answer )
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What is a GSM modem?

GSM is the world's most popular standard for mobile telephony systems. GSM modem connect your computer to that. Allow computer to make cellphone call. And required sim.
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What is GSMS?

this is where the chemical CG and MS come together to make GSMS, they can also can be taken away (separated) to be identified
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What GSM stands for?

previously GSM stands for Groupe Special Mobile in US .since GSM is accepted as worldwide standard for mobile communication it was stated as Global System for Mobile communica ( Full Answer )
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Are convex lenses converging lenses?

Convex lenses, also known as plus powered lenses, do cause light to converge. This type of lens is used on a Hyperopic (farsighted) patient. Concave lenses cause light to di ( Full Answer )
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What does gsm mean-measurement of paper?

GSM means Global System for Mobile Communications. This is the most commonly used technology by the carriers or network providers worldwide. However in paper production, it r ( Full Answer )
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What does 80 gsm paper mean?

GSM means grams per square meter in measurement. It is the measure of the weight and type
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How does a GSM Gateway work?

GSM Gateways work by inserting a normal Mobile SIM Card into the device, and once signal has been found the device is cabable of routing numbers out via the SIM Card. The typi ( Full Answer )
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How GSM modem works?

GSM moderm picks up signals from the surrounding wifi or either with the local internet connection which usually comes with a wired copper cable or fibre optic cable.
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What is GSM in mobile phones?

GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communications. It is the most popular standard for mobile phone systems in the world, with over 80% of mobile phone users owning a ( Full Answer )
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What is channel coding in GSM?

The GSM Channel Coding Channel coding introduces redundancy into the data flow in order to allow the detection or even the correction of bit errors introduced during the tra ( Full Answer )
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What is future of GSM?

The Limitations of GSM However, GSM is a technology of the mid 1980s where the only usage envisaged for a mobile phone is that of transmitting and receiving voice data. In fa ( Full Answer )
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How do calculate fabric gsm?

The way that a fabric gsm (grams per square meter) would be calculated would be for a person/manufacturer, to make a swatch, one meter square, and then weigh it. Then they wou ( Full Answer )
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What is ciphering in gsm?

Ciphering is encyption and decyption of user ID in GSM network. It is done inside GSM GPRS component SGSN.
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What is an e1 in gsm?

e1 is a standard unit used to measure the amount of data flow. 1 e1 refers to 2mbps speed of data flow.
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What is difference in CDMA and gsm?

Basically, the difference lie in the technology used. These two run on different frequencies and use different technologies which are not compatible with each other.
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Why GSM has to be Encrypted?

encyption prevents unauthorized access to the data that is transferred, that is the speech, or sms and so on
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Why gsm 900 better coverage than gsm 1800?

Because the power for the sector (Cell) is same the distace coverager nearly equal to power divide to frequency.
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Which is thicker 130 gsm or 100 gsm?

In the context of Mobile phones gsm means Global System for Mobiles. Hoerver 100 gsm or 130 gsm is usually referred for thickness of paper. gsm means grammes per square meter. ( Full Answer )
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How do you make GSM?

GSM is a way to communicate between a computer and a GSM-GPRS system. This is used mobile communication in most countries it enables higher data transmission rate.