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What is search and rescue?

I copied and pasted this from 'The free dictionary by Farlex' because i couldn't explain it clearly. 'The use of aircraft, surface craft (land or water), submarines, specialized rescue teams, and equipment to search for and rescue personnel in distress… Full Answer

What is CAPF 103?

Civil Air Patrol Form 103, used to sign members into Search and Rescue, Disaster Relief Missions. A volunteer service of the United States of America

Is a saint Bernard a working dog?

Yes they were originally bred to do search and rescue missions in snowy regions by finding people buried by avalanches and warming them with their massive bodies or by bringing them a warm drink from the classic barrel on their… Full Answer

Where does Atlantic Airways fly?

As of December 2012, Atlantic Airways flies to 16 international destinations in Europe. However it also renders national services to Faroe Islands, operating helicopter services that include search and rescue missions.