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How can you call Iran from the United States?

The international and local area dialing codes would all be the same, but your long distance company of choice would have to provide you with their direct or operator assisted dialing protocols.

Where is 97474050978?

As is, it would appear that '947' is an international dialing code. That would be the international dialing code for Qatar.

Where is telephone country code 00123?

Telephone country codes never begin with zero, so presumably 00123 is a country code with your local international dialing prefix prepended. Because different countries may use different prefixes, it can be confusing to quote an international number with the dialing… Full Answer

Which country has code 0068?

The 00 is not part of the country code; it is an international dialing prefix. There are several country codes +68X, all for various islands in the Pacific, but you need the next digit.

Which town in Malaysia is 601?

601 is refering to telephone code. The (60) refers to Malaysia International Dialing Code. 601 usually refers to mobile phone services. There are various different codes such as 6012 (often refers to Maxis mobile service), 6013 (Celcom mobile services) and… Full Answer

Why do you use country codes?

Each country (or in a couple of cases, group of countries) has its own internal telephone numbering system. Country codes provide a uniform system of dialing out of your own country's system into a different country.