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How many erogenous zones do woman have?

The amount of erogenous zones that women have depends very much on the individual. Arms, eyelids, shoulders, hands and feet are all examples of erogenous zones but it would depend on if the woman enjoyed having an area touched.

Are boobs a sexual organ?

For most people (men and women!) the nipples are "erogenous zones" -- which is a fancy way of saying they are parts of your body that trigger a sexual response. The mouth is another erogenous zone. That's why most people… Full Answer

What is a womans most sensitive erogenous zone?

Erogenous zones are ares of the body that when caressed gently will invoke heightened sexual urges, ultimately leading to sexual intercourse. The most common E-zones for women are: Inner thighs and behind the knees Neck Ears lobes Breast/nipples Lips

How ladies feel when their navel is fingered?

It sexually arouses them, to a great extent. Some women have reported they enjoy it more than sexual intercourse. As a woman it does nothing to me. Some think it's a erogenous zone and others do not.

Best way to turn a guy on?

There isn't really a "best way" to turn a guy on, because all guys react differently to touch. Learn what he likes the most by touching/caressing his erogenous zones. What's an erogenous zone, you ask? Erogenous zone- An erogenous zone… Full Answer

What gets girls wet?

a bucket of water is favorite...however, if you mean sexually aroused then it differs from woman to woman, however general majority consensus is foreplay, meaning signs of caring and romantic gesture towards her (this is usually accomplished in advance of… Full Answer

What is a G-spot in women?

It is a small spot deep in the vagina. it is extremely sensitive and if touched or stimulated enough, will produce an orgasm. On the lighter side The 'G spot' is a theoretical erogenous zone that can only be found… Full Answer