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What is your favorite way to eat potatoes?

Food that are made by potatoes. french fries,mashed potatoes,chips,baked potatoes,potato salad,potato recipe,cheese and chive potatoes,escalloped potatoes,party potatoes,ham and potatoe hash,and potato recipe. The favorite way to eat potatoes is cut the skin and after cut the skin eat the inside… Full Answer

Are raw potatoes safe to eat?

No, raw potatoes contain an alkaloid called solanine that is eliminated during the cooking process. Eating a large amount of raw potatoes can lead to liver, heart, and gastrointestinal damage. Full Answer

What are Idaho potatoes?

Idaho potatoes are any potatoes grown in Idaho, which is one of the biggest producers of potatoes. White potatoes are any type of potato that has a white skin, like Kennebec. Potatoes come in many colors: red, russet, gold, even… Full Answer

Advantage and disadvantage of potato?

Advantages of eating a potato include that they are low in calories and full of health benefits. Disadvantages of eating potatoes have more to do with the way they are cooked and not the potato itself. Fried potatoes have extra… Full Answer

What objects are purple?

There are so many things in the world that are purple. You can get things that are naturally purple like carrots, sweet potatoes and flowers. You can also have different varieties of things that are purple like clothing and processed… Full Answer

What can you do with a potato?

You can: make sweet potatoes. Sweetpotatoe pie. Sweet potatoechips. Sweet potatoe fries. Sweet potatoe tots. Sweet potatoe whip. French fries. Waffle fries. Fat fries.baked potatoe. Potatoe skins. Natcho toppings. Mashed potatoes. Fried potatoes(you can fry just abou anything) regular tots… Full Answer