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What is a Garden Snail?

The Helix aspersa or Brown Garden Snail is probably the best known terrestrial mollusk. Double click on helix aspersa or brown garden snail anywhere on this page for more information.

What is the snail color?

GARDEN SNAILS: garden snails have brown and white shells, each snail with a unique pattern. Their skin itself (you know, the colour of their body) is light brown. WATER SNAILS: Well, I only take care of Mystery Snails so I'll… Full Answer

Can you eat garden snails?

yep I researched this question and found that yes you can eat garden snails, although they are not the most recommended snail to eat. Helix aspersa (small grey snail) and Helix pomatia (or Roman snail) are more popular. You can… Full Answer

How old do garden snails get?

Fifteen (15) years is about the maximum life expectancy of garden snails (Gastropoda class). The age may be determined by counting permanent snail rings of growth.