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What is a venture investment?

Answer . A venture investment is an investment in a new company (or "venture") which usually bears a high risk of failure, but a correspondingly high return on succes.
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What is Maair Ventures?

Offshoring/Outsourcing . \nMaair Ventures is a BPO firm offering outsourcing/offshoring services using its South Asian facility as an operations hub while also having a US ( Full Answer )
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What is venture capital?

Venture Capital are funds made available for startup firms and small businesses with exceptional growth potential. Venture capital is also called seed money
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What is joint venture?

When two parties or more join together and work on the same project,they form the joint venture.he joint venture is legally separated from the two parties but the parties can ( Full Answer )
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What is a joint venture?

Joint venture (JV) is a type of business agreement which the parties develop for a finite time. They share the expenses and revenue in agreed ratio. The parties to JV are call ( Full Answer )
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What is a capita?

The word capita means for each head or by heads. This is a termthat is commonly used in measuring GDP using per capita income.
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What is a join venture?

A joint venture is the union, or agreement ,of multiple partiesthat agree to create new entities and assets by developing andcontributing equity.
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What does ventured mean?

ventured is verb of venture; it means risks or hazards taken for following: a) in business for profit; b) for merriment and adventure as if in mountaineering c) dare to ( Full Answer )
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What is join venture?

A joint venture is a business you enter into with another person.Joint ventures are also called partnerships. To protect yourpersonal property, consider incorporating your par ( Full Answer )
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What is a venture issuer?

A "venture issuer" under the securities laws of the Canadian provinces, is typically a junior public company. The term is defined in a few different places in slightly differe ( Full Answer )
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What is an equity venture?

An equity venture refers specifically to equity investments thatare made. These investments are usually made to begin a start-upcompany.
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Per capita income in Scotland?

While all households in Scotland make different amounts of income,the average per capita income throughout the country was $24,924.This was based on information obtained in 20 ( Full Answer )
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What is Mexico's GDP per capita?

GDP per capita for 2012 was of US$10,400 at nominal exchange. Using thePurchasing Power Parity (PPP) conversion, Mexican GDP Per Capita isof US$15,600 . Mexico GDP Per ( Full Answer )
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Who are The Venture Brothers?

The Venture Brothers is a Animated Cartoon Series on Cartoon Network's, Adult Swim. With a large variety of celebrity cast members the show quickly became a cult phenomenon. C ( Full Answer )
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How do you get venture capital?

It is crucial to learn how to pitch your idea clearly. Good ideas fail in that first meeting mainly because of the difficulty to illustrate your idea. If you are looking for s ( Full Answer )
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What is an antonym for venture?

the antonym of the word venture is bore, bored because venture is to be doing an activity
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What is economic venture?

It is a money making project. It is like the Jamestown and Roanoke colonies. They were founded for a economic reason.
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What is an economic venture?

It is a money making project. It is like the Jamestown and Roanoke colonies. They were founded for a economic reason.
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What does ventures mean?

Ventures can mean travels or adventures. In the sentence "she ventured into the room" it means that she went into the room, and can be associated with caution in this example
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What is a venture structure?

It is the rare area of the female vagina that squirts bodily fluids. Which is usually a sticky white substance.
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What are exporting ventures?

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What is Venturing Crew?

It is the next step in Scouting For boys and girls ages 14-21. It is more for high adventure. Instead of adult leaders running it (as they do in a normal scout troop)the boys ( Full Answer )
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What is a economic venture?

An economic venture is something that is done with the intention ofmaking money. It is any undertaking or project that is done with agoal of making money.
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What is new venture?

new venture is that two company is joining together like 1company is computing technology and the other company is mobile device when they join there business together r that ( Full Answer )
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What is capital venture?

A company that specializes in funding young companies that has some tech/business edge and potential.
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What is the definition of Per Capita Income?

Per capita income means how much each individual receives, in monetary terms. It is the measure of the amount of money that each person earns in the country, of the yearly inc ( Full Answer )
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What is the capitaal of Malaysia?

The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. It's roughly translated as Muddy Estuary, which is the place the capital was built upon. The administrative capital is called Putrajay ( Full Answer )
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What is child ventures?

Childventures Early Learning Academy has developed an excellentreputation within the childcare field as a leader in childdevelopment.
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What are the limitations of venture capital?

Advantages In addition to being a source of funding, an advantage of venture capital is that a number of value-added services are provided to companies: Mentoring - Ven ( Full Answer )
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What are venturing scouts?

Venturing is a program operated by the Boys Scouts of America for both boys and girls age 14-21. Many Venturing programs focus on high adventure, although some focus on differ ( Full Answer )
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Is venture a verb?

It depends on what you mean. If it means to take the risk of then yes but if it means the money, ship cargo or merchandise on which the risk is taken on a business then it is ( Full Answer )
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What are the limitations of using per capita income as an indicator of economic welfare in an economy?

Using per capita income as an indicator of economic welfare shows the income for a "typical" person in an economy. This does not, however, show the full range of incomes. Some ( Full Answer )
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Is ventures an adjective?

No. Ventures can be a form of the verb venture, or a plural noun.The singular venture can be an adjunct but it is not used as anadjective.