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What education does a parent need to homeschool children?

It depends on the state I think. In Indiana, for example, thereare no laws concerning that. You can homeschool your children evenif you did not graduate from High School. An ( Full Answer )
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What education do you need to specialize in adolescent gynecology?

If you are in college right now talk with an advisor. They will help you out anyway that they can. You usually need to go to school 8 years for a doctor and 4 years for a regi ( Full Answer )
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Should children with special needs be taught alongside children who do not have special needs?

Why? Why would you do that to the special needs child who obviously needs special attention? The extra attention will make other around him or her resentful. The child who obv ( Full Answer )
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What training is needed to teach special education?

Answer . Teachers who study Special Education learn about curriculum modifications and adaptations; behavior management techniques and strategies; legal issues; testing pr ( Full Answer )
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What education is needed for child psychology?

If I'm not wrong, you will have to take a course in Psychology first, and after your BSc you will have to do a masters in an area related to child psychology. But check out so ( Full Answer )
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What education do you need to specialize in teaching?

Answer . A teacher's certificate for the state in question, which typically requires at least a bachelor's degree and the associated teaching courses.
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What education do you need to work in special effects?

There is no education higher than a high school graphic arts design class if there is any other, its the same you would find in that high school class. . Matt Jensen
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What is Need in psychology?

A need (vs. a want) is something that is vital to an individual's physical or psychological (in this case) survival. For example a biological need would be food and a psycholo ( Full Answer )
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What degree do you need to be a special educational teacher?

The traditional route to becoming a public school teacher involves completing a bachelor's degree from a teacher education program and then obtaining a license. However, most ( Full Answer )
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What is psychological need?

When referring to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, a psychological need would refer to the building of the feeling of love and belonging and later the development of esteem.
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What are the psychological needs?

Psychological needs are, to name a few, understanding, compassion, attention, strength, trust, self-esteem, and companionship. Maslow's triangle, lists five basic human needs ( Full Answer )
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What special qualities do i need to work with children?

Some qualities would include a love for children. This will also take good communication skills (even on a child's level), dedication, a lot of penitence, perseverance, and th ( Full Answer )
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Qualifications needed to work with children with special needs?

You need to get a specialized college education in the area of special needs you are interested in teaching/working with. Special needs is broken down in areas of need. Visual ( Full Answer )
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Abuse of special needs children?

Special Needs Children . Children with autism and downs symdrome are often abused in poor countries. In England and America special needs children are fully understood but ( Full Answer )
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Why children need to be educated?

For a better future. Traditional formal education may not get them a good job opportunity but it will certainly make them eligible for professional courses and make them eligi ( Full Answer )
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How much education is needed to practice school psychology?

The minimum educational requirement for school psychologists is a master's degree in school psychology. This can take approximately two to three years post bachelor's degree.
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What education do special education teachers need?

The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for special education teachers. All States r ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between regular education and special needs education?

In the k-12 educational setting, Federal and State special education laws specifically spell out the qualifying conditions and services that schools must provide to qualifying ( Full Answer )
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What are the characteristics of children with special needs?

The characteristics of a special need child vary. It is often hard to diagnose a disability in childhood because children develop at different rates; just because your child s ( Full Answer )
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What can you do to help special needs children?

The two most important things for a child with special needs are specialized care and integration. Specialized care is important because specialists can not only help short te ( Full Answer )
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Is bullying special needs children illegal?

It's not illegal if other kids are doing it. However, if an adult is bullying a special needs child it could be considered discrimination.
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Why do we need to teach our children sex education?

we need to teach our children sex education to enable them know the rudiment of their body. Secondly to equip them with the knowledge to escape sexual temptation. To avoid bei ( Full Answer )
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Why do you choose to work with special need children?

Special Needs children and adults have such purity and simplicity. They are unconditional and unselfish in their love. They speak the truth, but love to please others. They ca ( Full Answer )
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Why there is the need of value education for children with disability?

They are disabled...sometimes they feel bad about the limited span of possibilities and opportunities for them. It may be tough to earn money at times... This makes them vulne ( Full Answer )
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Why is it important to test children who have special needs?

For the benefit and well-being of the special needs child, there are several tests administered by physicians and specialists to determine the limitations and medical or ( Full Answer )
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What education or specialized training is needed?

The education or specialized training needed is dependent on the position one hopes to fill. This could be a six week training for an entry level position or in excess of 12 ( Full Answer )
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How many children are there with special needs?

In 2005-2006 an estimated 13.9% of children in the United States had special needs. At that time, the number of children with special needs seemed to be increasing.