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Why do you compile a Java program?

The java interpreter or JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is not able to execute the java source code for a program. The java source code first needs to be compiled into bytecode that can be processed by JVM. Producing bytecode make… Full Answer

How do you compile in java?

You either use the command-line program javac, for example: javac MyClass (assuming your program is called, or - more conveniently - look for the menu command to compile, in your favorite IDE. Full Answer

What is a bytecode in java language?

Traditional compilers compile to the machine language of a specific processor; Java compiles for a "fictitious processor" - according to the Java language specification. The result is called "bytecode", and is meant to be run by a program called the… Full Answer

What is java language in computer?

Java is a computer programming language. Java programs can be interpreted (the computer compiles and runs the program as the code is executed) or it can be pre-compiled into bytecode (the computer doesn't have to compile it as soon as… Full Answer