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Can white man wear black man jeans?

Yes, jeans are not made for a specific race. Anyone can wear any jeans. Just try them on before you buy to find the proper fit for you. Black men and white men alike can wear the same jeans.

What is worn by a woman?

They wear some of the things men do: Panties, shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, socks. Other things men don't wear: Bras, pads and tampons (during period), makeup, nail polish.

Men who like to wear bra and panties?

it doesnt matter if you wear womens panties or bras its just clothing i wear them everyday and im not gay im completeley straight so give ot a try today if you havent worn them before there very comfy

Why do men wear nightgowns?

Nightgowns are more comfortable than pajamas actually, so everybody used to wear them to bed before we decided that men ought to only wear pants.

Can men wear womens clothes?

Yes. Men can wear womens clothing and many do. Sometimes men feel bored so they try on a couple bikini's or thongs or miniskirts. Some men go full out and wear womens clothing in public. When i am home alone… Full Answer

Why do men wear high heels?

Men don't technacly wear heels. They are shoes with some hight added to the bottom. Most men wear these kinds of shoes because they are unhappy of the height. Or they are gay by dressing like girls