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Should I buy an LG viewty or a Nokia N95 8GB if I want a good camera a good music player a good video recorder and a good web browsing capabilities?

BUY A SD CARD IT HAS LYK NO MEMORY THOO!. you should definitely buy the lg viewty it is easy to put songs on the phone with wondows vista u select mass storage on the phone c ( Full Answer )
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Is 3.6 zoom good for a digital camera?

3.6 is good for general photography. In small digital cameras, the zoom is most useful for framing shots without having to move nearer or farther away, or for getting more or ( Full Answer )
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Where can you buy cute picture frames?

Abbot Art is a great wholesale source for picture frames. They are the manufacturer so you are sure to get a great deal. Their website is
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How many mega pixels should a camera have if you want to be able to print at least a good quality 8x10 photo?

That certainly depends on your definition of "good quality 8"x10" photo. My suggestion is for about 10 Megapixels but you continue to see improvements i prints all the way u ( Full Answer )
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What is a good quality DSLR camera?

The Canon 5D is a professional grade DSLR. If your looking for recreational use, Canon T2i
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Why is my digital picture frame freezing on a photo?

Through trial and error, I found that my frame will not play pics taken from Facebook - all others will work. Frame had been freezing on the first Facebook photo it came to.
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How do you delete pictures in digital photo frame?

Depends on the frame but normally they are drag and drop like a flash drive hook up to USB connection, select the drive on your computer, drag out of frame and voila
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Where can you buy a zebra picture frame?

If you're from America I would go online, eBay, mad bid etc... But if you're from England you can go online as well or visit a B&M store they are really cheap and not bad qual ( Full Answer )
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Should I buy a photo scanner or a digital camera?

Depends on what you need to do. A scanner copies an image into a computer and a camera takes a picture of something. Many all in one printers have scanners built in, some are ( Full Answer )
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How are pictures added in a digital photo frame?

A digital photo frame (also called a digital media frame) is a picture frame that displays digital Some digital photo frames can only display JPEG pictures.
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Where can one buy a picture frame?

One can buy a picture frame in stationary stores, discount stores, drug stores, and on various internet websites.
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Where does one buy a photo frame?

It all depends on what type of photo frame you are looking for and in what size. Stores such as Target and Walmart will carry a decent selection of frames, but they will not b ( Full Answer )
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Is a lumix camera good for high quality pictures?

Yes, the latest release of the Lumix camera are good for high quality pictures. They come in different colors, price range, and also with good features.
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Where can one buy a photo frame?

A photo frame can be purchased from a variety of retail and online stores. Retail stores such as Target, Walmart, Kohl's, Sears, and Kmart, all sell photo frames of a variety ( Full Answer )
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What is the price range for electronic photo frames?

At present, the current price range for electric photo frames is anything from 50$ and more. The price very much depends on the memory the photo frame has.
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Where can you buy frames for pictures?

Picture frames can be bought in many places, including furniture stores, some large stores such as Target, department stores and specialist photograph shops.
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What are the features one should look for in a quality wireless digital photo frame?

If one was to buy a quality wireless digital photo frame they should look for the following features; remote control for the photo frame, wall mounting, MP3 and video playback ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase picture photo frames?

One can purchase photo frames from retailers such as Bestbuy, Kmart, Target, Walmart and Master Frames. One can also purchase online from sites such as Macy's, House of Fraser ( Full Answer )
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Where can you buy a plastic picture frame?

One can buy a plastic picture frame from Walmart, Amazon and Dollar Tree. Walmart has a selection of twenty plastic frames for $16.97.Dollar Tree has a variety of picture fram ( Full Answer )
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Where can you buy personalized photo frames?

Many stores that sell accessories or focus on selling products such as cameras or offer photography equipment and services should have them. You can even go to a place like Wa ( Full Answer )
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How do you transfer photos from camera to digital photo frames?

There are several ways depending on the type of digital photo frame you have: . Memory card: digital photo frames have slots for the memory card from your camera (most supp ( Full Answer )