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Does lard mean fat?

Lard is from animal fat. Shortening is hydrogenated vegetable oil. They are fairly interchangeable in recipes. And, in some recipes, when you want to avoid these types of fats, you can substitute butter.

Why is margarine used in cakes?

You can always substitute unsalted butter for margarine. Margarine is used in most recipes because it has become the "healthier" alternative to butter, as it contains substantially less fat.

Do vegans eat butter?

Vegans do not eat butter made from cow's milk; however, there are many vegan buttery spreads on the market, including Earth Balance.

Do you know any good vegan recipes?

If you visit your local library or book store you can find many reciepe books for vegans. Veganchef and veganweb are two of the many sites that will give you more information and a wealth of recipes aimed for vegans.