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What is reverberation?

Reverberation happens when reflections of a sound joins up with the original sound, so it seems prolonged. A reverberation is created from the reflecting surface when a sound is produced in an enclosed space causing a large number of echoes… Full Answer

How do ducks use echoes?

is a common myth that a ducks quack does not echo, however this is untrue. The University of Salford have proved that a ducks quack echoes by using a reverberation chamber. There are a number of explainations for why this… Full Answer

What are the examples of reverberation?

Reverberation, or Reverb for short, is a dispersing effect as the sound waves bounce off multiple hard surfaces they then collide and the waves ripple creating essentially a "Grand Hall" effect. Many Vocalists use Reverberation to make their voices more… Full Answer