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What would cause a sink drain to sound like it is constantly bubbling and gurgling?

When you open a sink drain or flush a toilet, a head of waterenters the waste pipe. Since it fills the pipe, the water pushesair in front of it and creates a vacuum behind. Th ( Full Answer )
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What causes sink drains to make sucking sounds?

Answer . The sucking noise is usually a good thing, it means that the drain is working properly, the noise comes from a swirl in the water that goes counter clockwise and p ( Full Answer )
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What would cause a toilet to bubble and drain when a shower or dishwasher is draining or has recently drained?

Answer . Plumbing systems require a vent pipe that runs up through the roof of the house to open air. Venting avoids the siphon effect where one appliance draining causes ( Full Answer )
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What could be causing your kitchen sink drain to stink like sewage occasionally while all other sink drains are fine?

The drainpipe under the sink should have a "U" shaped bend called a P-trap. Its purpose is to always hold a small amount of water in it which will block sewer gases from comin ( Full Answer )
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Can you install a new faucet with an extra spray outlet and use the dishwasher vent hole in the sink thereby connecting the dishwasher drain directly to the disposal?

Answer dishwasher drain \n. \nNot sure what you mean by dishwasher vent hole, but you probably mean the air gap fitting. Some dishwashers connect directly to the disposal, ( Full Answer )
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Can you run your dishwasher if your sink is clogged?

Answer . Probably not, depends on where the clog is at and how the dishwasher drain is connected. I wouldn't chance it, but the worst that will happen is the sink will fi ( Full Answer )
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Why is my dishwasher draining out of the drain air gap?

The rubber hose leading from your airgap to your garbage disposal or drain pipe is propably plugged. Remove hose and clean or replace. Also, when you remove the hose leading f ( Full Answer )
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What causes sink drains to back up?

The most common reason for a sink line to plug is actually from soap build-up. Soaps are made from greases and fats and turn back into them when they sit in the line. They slo ( Full Answer )
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Why does the water from the disposal side of the double sink drain into the dishwasher?

Probably the drain hose from the dishwasher isn't high enough to keep the water from running back . The hose should be above the level of the disposal at some point. Some sta ( Full Answer )
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How to fix Dishwasher doesn't drain?

First you check the drain hose and the drain that it is hooked up too for obstructions. Depending on the machine,there is a check valve, gate valve, drain pump, check them f ( Full Answer )
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Siemens dishwasher will not drain?

If the dishwasher is hooked into a garburetor, there is a plug in the garburetor where the hose drain attaches that needs to be knocked out. The drain hose might be plugged wh ( Full Answer )
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Dishwasher will not drain?

Of course not until yo plug it in and connected it to a drain line
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We have a leak in our plumbing whenever you run the dishwasher washing machine shower tub or sink water comes up the drain from everything and out the bottom of the commode what do we do?

The main line has to be clogged or collapsed. Under the toilet is just the easiest place for it to go. Have a plumber run an auger through the line. If you have a septic tank ( Full Answer )
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Why wont the water drain from the dishwasher?

The drain is blocked. Either that or theres a problem with the wash program. locate the drain and try unblocking first. Sink and drain unblocker may be a good starting point.
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Why would a dishwasher not drain properly?

Can be a few reasons. -Food particles jamming the filter screen on top of pump at bottom of D/W floor, discharge pipe kinked, or something small caught in impeller. The first ( Full Answer )
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Kitchen sink fills with water from dishwasher. Why?

If you have a garbage disposal, the dishwasher empties into that. The disposal either needs cleaning to open the small drain holes or they have become rusted and don't have en ( Full Answer )
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Why wont your dishwasher drain?

Can be a number of reasons. -Food particles jamming the filter screen on top of pump at bottom of D/W floor, discharge pipe kinked, or something small caught in impeller, or w ( Full Answer )
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Where does the drain on a dishwasher go?

Garbage disposal, if one is installed, or a wye branch fitting on the tail piece of sink drain. Dishwasher drain line should have an air break or air gap before the disposal o ( Full Answer )
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What would cause kitchen sink drain to gurgling when shower is running?

your vent on your shower or kitchen (if you have one) is not working and either the air from the water in the shower drain is carried down stream till it T's off to your kitch ( Full Answer )
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Can you use drain cleaner in dishwasher?

No. Many vital parts in the dishwasher are plastic. Usually, the drain hose is plastic, too. Drain cleaners are ok for PVC pipes, but too caustic for other types of plastic. ( Full Answer )
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How to drain water from dishwasher?

Your question leads me to believe that your dishwasher pump is broken. You may need a medium sized rag-- suck up the water and wring it out into an empty pot. if it is ( Full Answer )
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Can you drain your dishwasher through the floor?

You can, but depending on the model you may have problems with water siphoning out of the dishwasher during operation. Putting in a high loop may prevent this, and running the ( Full Answer )
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How do you drain a Bosch dishwasher?

All dishwashers are self draining. If it doesn't drain possibly thedrain or bottom pan filter is blocked - or there is a problem with thepump. All dishwashers are self draini ( Full Answer )