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How did fast food companies learn that red is an appetizing color to use in their packaging and logos?

Answer . While I have not found evidence on this entire subject matter that red is indeed a plot other than to be eye catching color there are some theories to the colors o ( Full Answer )
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Which company has the logo small letter P?

The use of a small letter p is common in most company logos.Paperaso is a paper company that uses a gray small p in the logo.Pinterest used a cursive small white p against a r ( Full Answer )
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Which company has a logo with letter E?

There are numerous companies that have the letter E as a logo. Onesuch is the E Entertainment television channel.
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Why do companies have logos?

A business logo is an emblem commonly used by corporations to promote instant public recognition. Nowadays, comapny logo shirts are gaining popularity since they serve as the ( Full Answer )
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Which company logo has an orange circle white i?

If you are playing the logo quiz game, the 'i' in the circle actually makes the O in Fox, so the answer is "Fox" which is the television network owned by Rupert Murdoch :)
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What company has a blue and white logo?

Companies with a blue and white logo are: . Twitter . Facebook . Zurich . Skype . Geico . Progressive . Aol . Google . LinkedIn . Myspace . Tumblr . General ( Full Answer )
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What logo is a red box and white cross?

hehe are you playing the logo app :), but its swatch a watch brand, make sure you remeber the s in front :)
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What company white cross with red background logo?

Swatch SA, which is based in Switzerland, specializes inmanufacturing watches. Their logo is most likely inspired by theSwiss flag and coat of arms, which also features a whit ( Full Answer )
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What company logo has red letters oe?

I am assuming you are playing the Logo Quiz game and if the O and the E are on opposite sides then the company is 'Oracle'
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What company has a blue and white striped logo?

If it's the first one that comes to my mind, then it's odd that you would remember the blue and white stripes and not the fact that they make up the letters IBM.
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What company logo has a gold and red crown in it?

Some company logos with gold and red crown: . Budweiser . Iberia . Real Madrid . Saab I think Hienken? No, Heineken has the red star as it's logo.
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What company has a red ohm logo?

It's a biking website , like they have motercycles they have electronic bikes and the logo is Orange .. not red.
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What logo has a red tear drop in a white circle?

Vodafone is one company that has the red tear drop in a whitecircle. There are probably other companies that have a similar logoas well.
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What company has a blue circle with white lines for a logo digital camera?

A camera company known as Konica Minolta has a logo with a blue circle with white lines. The circle is a representation of Earth and the offering of innovative value to custom ( Full Answer )