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What provences in Romania are in Transylvania?

There are no countries in Romania. Romania is a country. It borders onto five other countries in Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine. Transylvania is a region covering the north, west and centre of Romania. It includes the… Full Answer

Is Transylvainia real?

Yes, there is such a place as Transylvania, it is in a region in central Romania and is surrounded by the Transylvanian Alps, a range of Carpathian Mountains.

Does Poland have any major landforms?

It is important to learn the landforms of other countries. Poland has major landforms, some of them are the Central Lowlands, Bledow Desert, and the Carpathian Mountains.

What does the word Carpathian mean?

It can refer to the Carpathian Mountains, a range of mountains in Central-Eastern Europe, and aything that has to do with those mountains, like species of animals living on them. If you're looking for the etymology of the word, it… Full Answer