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What has the author Morris Dees written?

Morris Dees has written: 'A Season for Justice' -- subject(s): Biography, Civil rights movements, Civil rights workers, Lawyers, History 'Gathering Storm' -- subject(s): Militia movements, Radicalism, Resistance to Government, Guerrillas, Paramilitaire bewegingen, Terrorisme, Resistencia al Gobierno

What was Gouveneur Morris famous for?

Gouverneur Morris was an American who was born in the year of 1752 on January 31st. Gouverneur Morris was most famous for being one of the 23 people who were the founders of the United States.

Who are the people that escaped Alcatraz?

If you are talking about the famous escape from alcatraz, which i assume you are the three people were John William Anglin Frank lee Morris Clarence Anglin Frank Lee Morris Frank Lee Morris Frank Lee Morris