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How many troops were in the Battle of Midway?

Answer . \nA few. There was the shore garrison at Midway itself, which consisted of a few thousand men. \n. \nLocal Defenses were incharge of Colonel Harold Shannon, Fl ( Full Answer )
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When did Washington's troops battle the french?

George Washington's troops surrendered to the French at the Battleof Fort Necessity on July 3, 1754. This was one of the firstbattles in the French and Indian War.
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What is wellington?

\n. \nWellington Is The Capital City Of New Zealand, and also second Largest city in New Zealand Auckland is the biggest.\n. ) .
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What did the Duke of Wellington say after Battle of Waterloo?

Wellington said it was a near run thing: near run indeed. He also said Napoleon was a mere pounder. He also siad that it was a shame, despite winning a battle to lose so many ( Full Answer )
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What are Wellingtons?

Rubber boots, similar to riding boots, but made from rubber and designed to keep you dry when walking in wet weather. Named Wellingtons after the Duke of Wellington - who firs ( Full Answer )
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How long does it take to fly from Wellington to Dunedin?

1 hour 40 minutes on an ATR72 turboprop - the most common aircraft to fly the route. If you are lucky and get a Boeing 737, it will only take 1 hour 10 minutes.
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What supplies did the union troops take to the battle of Atlanta?

They took plenty of things... like: Your mom Condoms STDs Sexual frustration Porn Bedding Supplies (NEW RESPONDENT) Their supply-line was the big issue. It was ( Full Answer )
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What are the number of troops in the Battle of Antietam?

There were 40,000 to 45,000 men for the Confederacy and 87,000 to 90,000 for the Union at Antietam. Of these only about 37,000 Southerners and 56,000 Federals were actually en ( Full Answer )
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Where did the last major battle between US troops and native American take place?

The Pine Ridge Campaign (November 1890 -- January 1891) led to the last major conflict with the Sioux which resulted in the Wounded Knee "Massacre" on December 29, 1890. I per ( Full Answer )
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Who lead the Japanese troops at the battle of Peleliu?

Colonel Kunio Nakagawa. He made the plan that caused the heavy American casualties at Peleliu. After the Marines were about to kill the rest of the Japanese on the island, he ( Full Answer )
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The soldiers that take men and supplies to battle sites and provide air support to ground troops are called?

They are known by many names and perform many different jobs. Some are: . Pilot (fixed wing) . Jump master . Pilot (helicopter, i.e. Black Hawk, Schinook) . Driver, Armore ( Full Answer )
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Where were the troops in the Battle of Vicksburg come from?

Grant's Army of the Tennessee was made up mostly of troops from theMidwest states: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa. Pemberton'sforces were mostly made up of local Mississipp ( Full Answer )
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Who had more troops in the Battle of Chancellorsville?

Hooker's Union force numbered around 120,000 men including infantry, artillery, and cavalry. Lee, who was missing Longstreet and his corps, had around 55,000.
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How long does it take to get from Wellington to Vancouver?

We flew from Vancouver to Auckland and it took us approximately 12 -13 hours (yours would be a little further). I believe you would have to change flights in Auckland to fly d ( Full Answer )
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How many troops were in the seven days battle?

On June 1, 1862 the Union deployed 105,825 men, plus 9,277 held in reserve at Fort Monroe. The Confederates deployed 67,194 men. On June 23rd Lee's army was reinforced by ( Full Answer )
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Where do US troops stay when they are not in battle?

In what situation? If they're deployed somewhere, they'd be in the FOB (Forward Operating Base). If they're not deployed, they'd be at the base/post they're stationed at.
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How did the Duke of Wellington win the battle of Waterloo?

Several factors are involved in Napoleon's loss to Wellington.Delayed communication and no system in which he could be sureinstructions had been received led to Ney's failed c ( Full Answer )
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What were the battle names that Canadian troops fought?

Canadian troops fought in many, many battles. Far too many to simply list here. See the link below for an extensive list of the various battles Canadians were involved in.
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Does the president have the power to send troops into battle?

Yes, the President is the commander-in-chief of all US military forces and so can order military invention. Several U. S. Presidents in the past 50 years have sent Us troops t ( Full Answer )
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What troops were in the battle of Waterloo?

The troops in the Battle of Waterloo were the troops of the French empire on one site and the troops of the Seventh Coalition on the other. Nations and Empires contributing tr ( Full Answer )
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What troops moved in to the Shiloh battle?

For the Union: the Army of Tennessee (US) of 42,000 men under Maj. Gen. Grant, reinforced in the evening of the 6th April by three division (about 20,000 men ) of the Army of ( Full Answer )