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What is a ship?

A ship is a water-borne vessel larger than a boat, distinguishedfrom a boat usually by being submersible.
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What does a whaling ship look like?

See Related Links for a picture of a typical Norwegian coastal whaling boat leaving harbour. The boat is 25m long. A typical quota for a boat this size would be 15-20 minkie ( Full Answer )
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What purpose did the US Navy Ship Atik serve in World War 2?

The USS Atik was a decoy ship whose mission was to lure some unsuspecting U-boat into making a torpedo attack. The attacking submarine would later deem the tramp unworthy of ( Full Answer )
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What is shipping?

Shipping is the process of sending an item from one place to another. There are no restrictions on size or distance for an item to be "shipped". Shipping can cover: Freight ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a ship in Star Wars Galaxies?

The first step is going to the trainer for the faction that you align yourself with. I do not know where the Freelance or Imperial trainers are, but the Rebel trainer (Command ( Full Answer )
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Did Hitler ship Jews to Israel before World War 2 started?

No. At the time, Israel was part of the Palestine Mandate and was under British rule. The British had stringent restrictions on the number of immigrants they would admit. At o ( Full Answer )
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What ships served at d day?

Shore bombardment was provided by the elderly battleships HMS Warspite, HMS Ramillies, and USS Nevada, along with several Allied cruisers.. Thousands of ships of other types ( Full Answer )
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Why do the bananas get washed before shipping?

\nwell, so they can stay fresh, to remove dirt, and to get rid of tarantulas. tarantulas love bananas, so they wash em' off just in case!
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What ships served during the Vietnam war and when?

Nearly every warship and supply ship in the USN served somewhere off the coast of Vietnam; either on Yankee Station (North Vietnam) or Dixie Station (South Vietnam); this incl ( Full Answer )
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Was bob barker in World War II?

He served, but never made it to combat as the war ended soon after he enlisted.
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What us navy ships served in Vietnam?

Here's the most complete list I know of. The list does not include "brown water" boats though some of theseships did duty in brown water. . USS Agerholm DD 826 . USS Alud ( Full Answer )
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Who captains the 'Bob Barker' ship?

Chuck Swift. The "Bob Barker" was made to be a secret ship for the Sea Shepherd's non-whaling campaign
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What ship was bombed in the Vietnam War?

US Navy destroyer USS Higbee (DD-806) was struck by a 500 lb bomb dropped by a MiG-17 from the NVAF 923rd Fighter Regiment on 19 April 1972. No USN KIA, but some men were woun ( Full Answer )
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How did people travel before ship?

They used the triangle and square boats before and the the put them both designs together to form the more advanced ship: the Caravel --Thanks-- Your welcome peoples--
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How do you find who served on what ship during World War 2?

The easiest way to begin is to do a general Google search on the ship in question, and look for any Veteran's groups associated with the command. Most usually have a list of p ( Full Answer )
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What is the ship from whale wars?

the main ship is - the Steve Irwin the second vessel is - the bob barker the third vessel is called the gojira (Japanese for Godzilla) but recently changed to the bridgitt ( Full Answer )
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Do you serve in a ship or on a ship?

Naval convention is you serve ' in ' a ship. An occasional exception - spoken or written - in where the ship's name mixes poorly with 'in'. Thus "...had two years in DIDO and ( Full Answer )
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How did factory ships change the whaling industry?

Whaling factory ships wasn't used until the early 1900s. With theintroduction it revolutionized how much whales a country can killin a signle season. Factory Ships enabled mor ( Full Answer )
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What are the four Japanese ships names in the show Whale Wars?

Yūshin Maru № 1 - Harpoon Vessel / Security Vessel Yūshin Maru № 2 - Harpoon Vessel / Security Vessel Yūshin Maru № 3 - Harpoon Vessel / Securi ( Full Answer )
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What word can go before ship?

Words that can go before the noun ship are: . airship . apprenticeship . authorship . battleship . cargo ship . censorship . citizenship . container ship . courtship ( Full Answer )
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How many battle ships served in the Vietnam war?

The only battlewagon to fight in the Vietnam war was the Iowa Class fast battleship USS New Jersey; which also has the distinction of being naval histories last traditional al ( Full Answer )
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Where is the Bob barker ship?

The MY Bob Barker ship is owned by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and was named in honor of Bob Barker when he made a $5 million donation to them. It is located in the ( Full Answer )
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Was the uss Maine a war ship?

The USS Maine was an American battleship. She was destroyed on February 15, 1898 in Havana Harbor. 266 men died. The sinking of the Maine served as a catalyst for the Spanish ( Full Answer )
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Does Israel have war ships?

Yes. Israel has a modern navy equipped with aircraft carriers, destroyers, submarines, and other boats and equipment.
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How are whaling ships financed?

Nowadays, A whaling feet is operated by a 'research'company/organsiation and they are funded by the Local Governmenti.e. The Japanese government would finance their 'scientifi ( Full Answer )
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Are Japanese whaling ships going to Antarctica?

Yes, apparently harvesting animals for 'scientific research' in thepast. The DNA from some of these animals was found in Japanese fishmarkets. According to its Wikipedia entry ( Full Answer )
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How many whaling ships are there in the world?

Only about 20 Whaling vessels are still used today (Not includingsmall fisherman boats which is used like in Faroe Islands. Nearlyhalf is Japanese Whaling ships.
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What to do before abandoned ship?

You can do anything before going to abandoned ship. Abandoned ship is an optional remote quest meaning it's not literally a major part of the timeline. Inside the Abandoned Sh ( Full Answer )