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Why do dogs eat their newborn puppies?

In some cases the mother dog will eat her pups if they are eithersick or if her maternal instinct tells her they won't do well. it is normal. In other cases stress can cause t ( Full Answer )
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Do hamsters eat their newborn babies?

if you have a pregnant female and she has babies she will not eat them unless you have touched them in the first two weeks of them being born if she has too many or if she is ( Full Answer )
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What does a newborn snapping turtle eat?

Insects, tadpoles, guppies, slugs (favorite), and worms. Anything that will fit in its mouth or it can chomp to bits. The very newborn turtles (2 weeks or younger) have a yoke ( Full Answer )
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What do newborn mice eat?

Baby mice are breast fed by their mother until they are about 3 weks old when they can eat normal mouse food.
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What do newborn raccoons eat in the wild?

Raccoons are mammals just like horses, whales, giraffes and you, and me. What makes mammals special is that they have the ability to feed their young milk right after they are ( Full Answer )
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Mother rabbit eats newborn?

They can. Sometimes if they don't want to care for them or if the mother senses there is something wrong with one of them.
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Do platy fish eat their newborn?

yes, platys eat baby fry however, if you buy a special breeding net or a breeding tank, they will survive. also, if you have many plants to protect the fry, some should make ( Full Answer )
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What do newborn snapping turtles eat?

They will eat bugs small insects and at night frogs..its best to let them be in the wilderness than to capture and raise them.. why?? because they will get very la ( Full Answer )
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How much does a newborn baby eat?

Feed him/her on demand when hungry. The general guideline for feeding a newborn is for infants 0-3 weeks: 8-10 feedings daily of 2-3 oz / 60-100 ml per feeding; for infants 1- ( Full Answer )
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How long is a newborn megalodon shark?

I'm a shark tooth collector, and the smallest principle megalodon tooth I've seen was 1.48' inches long and 1.12' inches wide. If you were to compare this tooth to a great whi ( Full Answer )
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Why do dogs eat their newborns?

A dog should usaully not eat it's newborns. If it eats one, make sure he/she is kept away from the puppies. If it's a she, find another female to nurse them.
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Why does a rabbit eat her newborns?

More than likely the newborns are already dead and she is just eating them to get rid of them. It is the herd instinct to get rid of dead babies that might attract predators. ( Full Answer )
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What do newborn moose eat?

Moose are classified as mammalian. As such they give birth to liveyoung and nurse them while they are infants. So, newborn moose eattheir mother's milk.
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How much should a newborn eat?

How much a newborn should eat depends on a number of factors such as weight and age. Within the first two to three months of age a newborn baby should be fed every two to thre ( Full Answer )
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What do newborn bunnies eat?

Newborn bunnies drink their mother's milk (and eat their mother's cecotropes). Hand-fed bunnies do not have a great survival rate, but if it has to happen, they're fed with ( Full Answer )
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How long are newborn sharks?

Some species of sharks lay eggs that are in egg cases and otherspecies have live births. The newborns are typically anywhere from2-6 feet long depending on the species.
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What do you do if your newborn puppy does not eat?

First of all, if it is a new newborn then the reason it isn't eating is because it needs to be with its mother for weeks afterward. If otherwise, have you tried different PUPP ( Full Answer )
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What a newborn horse eat or drink?

Well a newborn drinks milk for a few weeks after it's born but after that they can drink water and at first you can buy food that is made specifaclly for Newborns until they g ( Full Answer )
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What do newborn baby deer eat?

Normally, in the wild, a newborn deer would suckle milk from it's mother. but if it is orphaned and is under human care, goat milk is ideal from a bottle.
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What do newborn pigeons eat?

Young pigeons eat a mixture called "pigeon milk", a fluid from thecrop of the pigeon that is made of chewed-up seeds and other foods.
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What do newborn squirrles eat?

Baby squirrels are nursed for 3 to 4 months Max and what they eat obviously is from their mother. So nuts, or whatever things we can see on tv are basically what you should no ( Full Answer )
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Why do cats eat their newborn kittens?

House cats usually do not do this, but sometimes male catskill kittens (but don't eat them) to force the female cats backinto heat. This is a way of making sure the next lit ( Full Answer )
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How do newborn babies eat?

Newborn babies put their mouths against the nipple on their mother's breasts. Then they suck the milk that flows.
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Do ants eat newborn rabbits?

Ants may be harmful to newborn bunnies because they may bite them. If many ants are biting the rabbit, the swarm may kill it. They will. They are attracted by the after birt ( Full Answer )
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Can a newborn calf eat grass?

No. Their stomachs aren't well developed to consume grass when theyare so young. They begin to sample grasses and other stuff Mom eatswhen they get around a week old. They are ( Full Answer )
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Do big cats eat newborns?

If a new male lion takes over a pride, he will kill all the cubs that aren't his--no sense working to feed and protect something that doesn't carry his genes. Male cats someti ( Full Answer )
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When will a newborn calf first eat?

A newborn calf must be up and suckling within an hour after it isborn. This is important because it needs colostrum in order tosurvive and decrease its chances of getting sick ( Full Answer )
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What does a newborn guinea pig eat?

the baby pig should be able to eat anything the mum can eat. Especially good for the baby piggie would be some Alfalfa hay (high in calcium for building strong bones & teeth) ( Full Answer )
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What do newborn crawfish eat?

Newborn crawfish eat many types of small water animals and plants. They are known to survive on frog eggs, parts of plants, insects, and some small fish.
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What do you do when your newborn kitten wont eat?

If this has been happening for a while, go see a vet right away. If its a newborn, feed it kitten formula milk out of a warm bottle, like you'd do for a human baby.
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What do newborn corn snakes eat?

I would recommend very small frozen rodents or tiny eggs like from a robin. The little guy can stomach more than you think. One improvement and obligatory lesson in common s ( Full Answer )
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What do newborn goldfish eat?

When your baby Goldfish reaches 2 days Old, try to feed it a Crushed egg yolk of Hard-boiled egg and Oatmeal paste. Then, after it reaches 2 weeks, feed them with Brine Shr ( Full Answer )
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How does a newborn giraffes eat?

The mother hunts down the nearest human on wiki.answers with a chainsaw she then proceeds to murder them while singing "Stabby Stabby Slice and Dice Hunt you down and kill'a y ( Full Answer )