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What you say to be scornful?

"G.W. Bush is the most intelligent president we have ever had." ******* oops, that's SARCASM, not scorn. But sarcasm is an expression of scorn. Scorn is an emotion.

What is the verb of scorn?

Scorn is already a verb. Other verbs are scorns, scorning and scorned, depending on the tense. Here are examples: "He begins to scorn at me". "She scorns me". "I am scorning him". "We were scorned".

What is the noun for scorn?

The word 'scorn' is both a verb and a noun. The noun 'scorn' is a word for a feeling that someone or something is worthless or despicable; a word for an object of contempt; a word for a thing.

What is scron?

I believe you are thinking of the word scorn. The definition of the word scorn means to make a mockery.