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Is grave digging a crime?

The act of digging a grave to be eventually occupied by a deceased's casket is not illegal. The acts of Grave Robbing (self-explanatory) and Grave Desecration (destruction and disturbing a grave) are criminal offenses.

What does arbok evolve into?

I'm not entirely sure but I think seviper,but you have to do something to get it to evolve it might be levels,or a stone,happiness,a move,or something.

Where do you find the thunder stone?

You can get the thunder stone by going underground and digging for it in Pokemon diamond/pearl ( the thunder stone , fire stone, water stone, and the leaf stone is very rare, so good luck!).

How do you get rid of ghost sims?

simple. You sell the grave stone. Or, you might be able to put them inside a gated fence, and lock the fence when all the grave stones are in it. Its worked for me.

Is digging graves a hobby?

Digging holes maybe. Digging a grave is the responsiblity of the cemetery. The cemetery employees dig the graves in preperation for funerals, and of course they are paid.