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What is the principle of semiconductor laser?

Semiconductor lasers are diodes which are electrically pumped. Recombination of electrons and holes created by the applied current introduces optical gain. Reflection from the ends of the crystal form an optical resonator, although the resonator can be external to the… Full Answer

What has the author Eric Udd written?

Eric Udd has written: 'Fiber optic sensors and applications VI' -- subject(s): Optical fiber detectors, Congresses, Fiber optics, Multiplexing 'Development and evaluation of fiber optic sensors' -- subject(s): Measurement, Optical fiber detectors, Traffic flow 'Applications of the Sagnac Interferometer and… Full Answer

What is the resonator on a car?

"Resonator" usually refers to the Exhaust system. A resonator is a piece of tubing that is slightly larger in diameter than the rest of the exhaust pipe. It is usually located after the catalytic converter, and before the muffler. Vehicles… Full Answer