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When is el dia de los Inocentes?

The Internet says December 28th, but I've also heard people say it's on December 26th. El Día de los Santos Inocentes (los Angelitos), or Day of the Holy Innocents (Lit ( Full Answer )
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What holiday is el Dia de Colon?

Dia de Colon is the day that many people consider as Columbus day well is not is the day when the province of Colon was founded so in Spanish is: Dia de Colon English is Colon ( Full Answer )
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Cual es el primer dia de la semana?

El domingo es el primer dia de la semana. Aunque, a veces, lunes funciona como el primer día de la semana. Depende en el país en que está.
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What day is El primer dia del otono on?

The first day of autumn/fall falls on the date when day and night are equal in length. The precise date actually varies. This year it was September 22. That will be the date a ( Full Answer )
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Cual fue el primer pais?

PANGIA- Era el pais mas grande que existia hace como 5 millones de anos. toda la tierra estaba junta.
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What is El Dia del Nino?

"Children's Day", as an event, is celebrated on various days in many places around the world, in particular to honor children. Major global variants include an International C ( Full Answer )
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What is 'Tu you alegras el dia'?

The phrase 'Tu you alegras el dia' is a mix of four words in Spanish, and one in English. The verb 'alegrar' may be either transitive and take a direct object, or reflexive. I ( Full Answer )
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When its el dia del nino?

"El Dia Del Nino" is a Mexican party it means the kid's day. It is celebrated in April 30. But if you want to have fun El dia Del nino you should go to cecut, Tijuana on the l ( Full Answer )
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When is Dia De El Nino in Honduras?

el 10 de septiembre es el dia del niño en Honduras. on September The 10th we celebrate children"s day in Honduras.
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What is the mctrio del dia at McDonald's?

The McTrio Del Dia at McDonalds is a Extra Value Meal that changes depending on the day of the week. Similar to Subway. For 35 pesos you get a Hamburger, Medium Fries, and a M ( Full Answer )
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How do you say dia mundial del arbol?

You said it just fine, except that in Spanish, you would add accents on two letters, like this: Día mundial del árbol
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What does el dia mean in Spanish?

It means, "the day", as "el" means 'the' and "dia" means 'day'. I speak Spanish.
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Como se formo el primer gobierno?

Había tribús con caciques antes de que hubiera civilizaciones con gobiernos. Cuando un cacique sólo no era capaz de mantener un territorio sin la ayuda de su familia, ( Full Answer )
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Why is El dia la raza celebrated?

El Dia de la Raza, also called Columbus Day, is a celebration ofthe discovery of America. It is celebrated on October 12, the dayColumbus came to shore in America.
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Inventor del primer barco de vapor?

inventor of the first sailboat Inventor of the first steam [powered] boat? El primer barco de vapor fue construido por un francés quien se llamó Denis Papin. Y cur ( Full Answer )
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What does el dia de los abuelos?

El día de los abuelos means the day of the grandparents. It iscelebrated in many Latin and South American countries. In Argentinaand Brazil it is on July 26 in honor of ( Full Answer )
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What is El opuesto del dia?

Translated into English, this means: "The opposite to 'day'". I suppose you can deduce the answer on your own.
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What is the answer to que es el dia hoy?

You would respond "Hoy es... (day of the week)" Lunes: Monday Martes: Tuesday Miércoles: Wednesday Jueves: Thursday Viernes: Friday Sábado: Saturday Domingo: Sunday Fo ( Full Answer )
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La palabra para el mes y el dia del mes?

"El mes" significa "the month" en inglés. "El día del mes" quiere decir "the day of the month" en inglés.
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How is dia del idioma celebrated?

this is a spanish tradition i really dont know right now what it is exactly but i will give you further notice
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What does the phrase 'mi primer dia sin ti' mean?

The Spanish phrase "mi primer dia sin ti" means my first day without you. This is a literal translation and could be interpreted in several different ways.
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What does 'horoscopos del dia' mean in English?

The term 'horoscopes del dia' is a phrase that is originally in the Spanish language. When translated to English, the phrase means 'horoscopes of the day.'
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What actors and actresses appeared in El primer divorcio - 1982?

The cast of El primer divorcio - 1982 includes: Rafaela Aparicio as Madre de Narciso Antonio Casco Carmen Cervera as Carlota Frank Clement Beatriz Escudero as Laura Manuel Leo ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in El primer cuartel - 1966?

The cast of El primer cuartel - 1966 includes: Sergio Aparici Juan Aymerich Manuel Bronchud as Guardia Javier Conde Antonio de Armenteras Alberto Gadea Carmen Gallen as Susana ( Full Answer )