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What do tomatoes smell like?

Tomatoes are a fruit, though most people refer to them as vegetables. They smell stronger than fruit. It is a pleasant smell for most, but can be pungent and strong in odor. Tomato plants grow in a variety of gardens.

Why do your socks smell?

sweat combined with the use lenght of time of the shoe causes that. Edit: It is the bacteria that grows in the warm, moist environment of our feet that causes them to smell.

How cool is cat?

well it depends wat u mean by cool if u mean fluffy and warm then yes but if u mean smell no they smell of pee

What do cats smell like?

A healthy cat shouldn't really smell of much at all - possibly of warm fur. A cat that has a strong smell or strong smelling breath can indicate a health problem and should be checked over by a vet.

How do you keep a puppy warm?

Blankets are a good start, especially if you have one that you've used for a while. Puppies will find comfort in your smell on the blanket, and they will begin to associate your smell with warmth and comfort.

Why do our feets smell?

the reason peoples fee smell is because you have pours everywhere. for your feet to smell, these pours would have to sweat, they sweat by been warm, exercise and any active movement same as arm pits! this sweating give off… Full Answer