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What does the term extraterrestrial refer to?

The term extraterrestrial can be adjective or noun. In adjective case, the term extraterrestrial refer occurring or existing beyond the earth's atmosphere. In noun case, the term extraterrestrial refer being from the beyond the earth's atmosphere.

Is the word unterrestrial correct?

No. The word "terrestrial" can mean "land" or "the planet Earth. The adjectives are: non-terrestrial (or nonterrestrial, not land) - features or organisms not of land (sea, possibly air) extraterrestrial (outside Earth) - things "off earth" -- in space or… Full Answer

Are there aliens in the UFOs?

There is no evidence that proves any of them are even extraterrestrial for certain. There is no Evidence that proves any of them are not extraterrestrial for certain.

What is the seti program?

There is no one SETI program. The name is a collective term for act ivies that search for intelligent extraterrestrial life. SETI stands for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.