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What is an infantile?

Somebody who is infantile is very childish, like an infant. E.g ' she is so infantile sometimes'. -twilight- infantile also can mean: pertaining to infancy or an infant.

What rhymes with amnesi?

There is no such word as "amnesi." Do you mean "amnesty?" Or perhaps you mean "amnesia?" Please see the related questions below for "What rhymes with amnesty?" and "What rhymes with amnesia?"

What is infantile eczema?

About one in ten babies develop a form of atopic dermatitis called infantile eczema. Characterized by skin that oozes and becomes encrusted, infantile eczema most often occurs on the face and scalp

How do you say autism in french?

autisme n. autism autisme infantile pr├ęcoce nm. early infantile autism [MED] autisme infantile nm. early infantile autism [MED] spectre de l'autisme nm. autism spectrum trouble dans le spectre de l'autisme nm. autism spectrum disorder