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What group is wine on food pyramid guide?

Wine does not belong in any food group. The food pyramid from which many people learn about food groups is not only antiquated but is aimed at children therefore contains no alcoholic beverages.

Why do you have a food pyramid?

because it helps us to make our body healthy and guide us what we have to eat with food pyramid.It is important to people because its shows food divided.

Who made the food guide pryimide?

The first food guide pyramid was made by Anna-Britt Agnsäter for Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare in 1972. The USDA pyramid was based off of the original pyramid and was introduced in 1992.

What is the food guide pyramid used for?

The food guide pyramid is used in health education as a guideline for good nutrition. It is also used for to indicate how many servings of each nutrient you need to maintain a balanced diet.