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Agape is what kind of love?

"Agape" is a word that originated in Greece. It means "wide open, unconditional love." Therefore, agape love is a love that is free, welcoming, and nonjudgmental.

What is agape in aramaic?

Agape is Greek. There is no Greek in Aramaic. I assume you want to know what the word translated "agape" in John 14:21. " מן דאית לותה פוקדני ונטר להון הו הו מחב לי הו דין דרחם לי נתרחם מן… Full Answer

Is the word agape used in the Bible?

Agape is a Greek term and is used to describe God's Love (1 John 4:8). Indeed, God is love. It is different from the other Greek term 'philia' or brotherly love and another world for romantic or sexual love. If… Full Answer