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Does spirm taste good?

Taste is a personal feeling. What tastes good to someone may taste disgusting to someone else. You have to decide for yourself. Full Answer

Why does food taste so good?

Our food tastes so good because of our taste buds, everyone's taste buds are different. It also depends how you cook the food. Wow, that's such a stupid question. Im supprised someone even answered it. Full Answer

Who is keg keg?

Wondering Balance always keeps straight when good smell. Floats around when no pads (protection) and always good food.Talks of everything War because it taste good and can't cause be it never ends.Love Love Full Answer

What to eat with tea?

A biscuit or cookie is always good and doesn't mess with the tea's taste. (This is good if you are inviting someone over to your home). tea sandwiches and scones. they are very good. if you go to a tea… Full Answer

Why you were given this name?

i think you were given your name because it has a meaning that comes with it or a legend.and maybe because when you grow up they actually want you to be like someone good and has a very good personality Full Answer