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What if you dont have a dildo?

If you don't have a dildo then the next best thing is to masturbate - put your fingers around the cloitorus [ the vagina ] and rub, the nerve endings in the vagina get excited and you start to feel… Full Answer

What can a guy use as a dildo?

If you are in need of a dildo I would recommend that you buy (or mail order) an actual dildo from a sex shop, one made of silicone, which is durable, easy to clean, and soft enough to be safe… Full Answer

What can you use other than a dildo?

There are many things that can replace a dildo. Vegetables, and certain fruits can work well. I have seen other household items used. Almost anything that is somewhat in the shape of a penis will work. Full Answer

What is the best kind of dildo?

A real dildo. If you don't have one, look around the house for household products to use such as fruit or shampoo bottles or plunger handles. -Also a nice helping of big meaty sausage can help fininsh the job and… Full Answer

How do you masurbate if you are a girl?

You should work out yourself how to maturbate as different people prefer different things and they should get to know there own body. When I masturbate I usually use an item, such as a dildo, a vibrator, my phone on… Full Answer

How do you wear a dildo?

Some are hand held and there are strap ons to wear to take the male lead in a lesbian relationship. To use you just saddle in as if your putting on undies..the dildo then is attached and covers the genital… Full Answer