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Where do Limousin cows come from?

Limousin cattle originated from France, specifically from the Limousin and Marche regions. Locally, though, Limousin cattle come from other Limousin cattle, specifically cows and bulls that are of the Limousin breed.

Festival in Sweden?

Of course there are quite a few festivals in Sweden, which take place annually. The two most famous film festivals are for instance the Stockholm International Film Festival as well as the Göteborg International Film Festival. When it comes to… Full Answer

Are limousin cattle horned or polled?

Limousin cattle are both horned and polled depending on genetics. Horned tends to be more prevalent, but it is not uncommon to see French breeders that have polled Limousin cattle. Polled Limousin are most common in North America.

How many festivals are in Ireland every year?

Approx 11,000 festivals take place in Ireland every year or in other words the equivalent of 30 events happening all over the country every day of the year! For more information, go to the link below.