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Did MC Hammer do Gospel songs?

One of his biggest hit songs was titled "Pray" (1990). The album V Inside Out 1995) contains the song "Going Up Yonder". The album Family Affair (1998) contains songs such as "He Brought Me Out" and "Unconditional Love".

What album had the most songs in it?

as in which album has the most songs made on it. I'm thinking it will be a grindcore album because grindcore artists usually have like 20 songs on a record, but the songs are usually a minute MAXIMUM.

What album contains the song 21 Guns?

Green Day's album "21st Century Breakdown" contains the song "21 Guns". Some of the other songs on the album include "Know Your Enemy", "Last Night on Earth", Peacemaker", and "Horseshoes and Handgrenades"

What songs are in the album Reise Reise?

The album Reise, Reise by Rammsein was released in 2004 and contains 11 tracks. A few of those songs are Reise, Reise which is the title track, Amerika, Moskau and Stein um Stein.

What were most popular songs of 1960s?

popular musicians were bands like Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons. Other artists included The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Four Lads, Beach Boys, etc. quartets were highly popular.