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What is circumsize mean?

Circumcision is when you remove skin from genitalia. On the men the foreskin and on the women parts of the vulva or all of it. Female circumcision isn't called circumcision anymore but female mutilation since that is what it is… Full Answer

When a state limits or prohibits male or female circumcision does that violate the freedom of religion of those whose religion says that such procedures are desirable or required?

A: The only significant groups that practise female circumcision are among some Muslims. Islamic religious authorities say that there is no requirement in Islam for this practice, and that it is only a cultural practice. One view is that the… Full Answer

Can girls get circumcised?

Yes there is a form of female circumcision million's of Women are genitally mutilated by this savage culture. like male circumcision it is the mutilation of parts of the male genitalia and it serves no purpose in either male or… Full Answer