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What is the meaning of ethnic genocide?

Genocide is the killing of an entire group of people based on some commonality such as religion or nationality. . Ethnic genocide is the killing of a group of people based on their ethnicity, or racial extraction.

Who is killing in darfur?

The people who are killing in Darfur are the Janjaweed a group supported by the Sudanese government to kill tribal blacks to get rid of them in darfur.

What was Adolf Hitler most known for?

killing a lot of Jews during ww2, a period known as the holocaust described the genocide of the Jewish people. Killing 11 million Jews. This number does not include Gypsies, Polish and Holland people.

How was Torquemada evil?

If evil can be understood as behavior based on an emotional foundation, it is an inescapable conclusion that Torquemada was an evil man. He was full of hatred and devoid of compassion, which is the essence of evil.