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If after you tell your boyfriend you are pregnant he says his feelings for you have changed and he wants to move back to his parents does he truly not love you or is he just scared?

dear friend, You have the answer to your question. FIrst do a self analysis 1)How long have you known this boy friend? 2) How old are you and howold is he ? 3) IS it a strong ( Full Answer )
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What can you do to make sure you don't get pregnant?

\n. \n Making Sure You Don't Get Pregnant \n. \nThe simple answer is not to have sex. Assuming that is not an attractive option, then the solution is contraception (a lo ( Full Answer )
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What is sex and how does a girl become pregnant?

Answer . first of all sex is the sharing of an intimate moment between two people sometimes it is called "intercourse" or "making love" a girl gets pregnant when you insert ( Full Answer )
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How do a 14-year-old and her boyfriend tell their parents that she is pregnant?

Answer . You sit down with both parents at the same time. Come to the table with a plan in your mind, if you have one. Such as, how is this baby going to be taken care of, ( Full Answer )
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Your pregnant and your not sure how to tell you parents your only 14 and your boyfriend said he would stay with you?

Answer . ask yourself if you want to keep the baby or not and ask your bf if he would like to keep the baby. I really hope that your parents know your boyfriend since it w ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if you are under 16 and your boyfriend is 18 and you think that you're pregnant but you don't know for sure and your parents have no idea about any of it and you turn out to be pregnant?

If you can't personally go to the store to buy a pregnancy test, try to get your boyfriend or a friend to go to the store for you to buy the test. Before jumping to conclusion ( Full Answer )
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What time is very dangerous to make sex in if you do not want to get pregnant?

Answer . Well sperm can survive up to 72 hours in the vagina. So 3-4 days before your menstrual cycle to 3-4 days after the bleeding stops is when the female is most ferti ( Full Answer )
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You are 13 and you want to be pregnant but your afraid of your parents what can you do to get pregnant with out sex?

You are a child. You are nowhere near ready to become a mother. You still have a few more years when your main job is to take care of yourself. Learn to be really good at that ( Full Answer )
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My boyfriend is not sure he pulled out in time during unprotected sex so can I be pregnant?

Anytime you have sexual intercourse, there is a chance you can get pregnant. The guy doesn't have to even ejaculate either as semen (with sperm) begins to flow very soon after ( Full Answer )
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If you are pregnant when can you find out for sure?

At least 14 days after intercourse.. According to the ClearBlue pregnancy test accuracy results they are:. 4 days before expected period= 51% accurate 3 days before expect ( Full Answer )
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If a 16 year old girl from Oregon runs away to the state of Michigan to be with her 16 year old boyfriend and she gets pregnant can the girls parents legally make her leave the father of her child?

Not Legal Advice: but, yes. The girl is a minor. The male, also a minor, has no legal hold or say. In the case of under age pregnacies, the male has no right to the mother or ( Full Answer )
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If a girl is 13 and is 7 months pregnant by 17 year old boyfriend can they get married with out parental agreement?

no. . Depending on where they live, he could be put in jail for statutory rape. She should forget about getting married as she is too young for that, and worry about how you ( Full Answer )
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How can you be sure that you become pregnant?

You can get a blood test done, which is more accurate than a home urine test. Also, an ultrasound test can be done to actually see the pregnancy.
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How do you make sure you aren't pregnant?

The best way to determine if you are pregnant is to take a store pregnancy test. Be sure to wait until you have missed your period, otherwise the test may not be accurate.
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How do you make sure your pregnant sim has a girl?

You make her eat 3 watermelon for one girl or 2 watermelons for a higher chance of twins! . Make her eat 3 apples or 2 apples for the same reason if you want boys!
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How do you make sure you cant get pregnant?

using contraception. eg; condoms, 'the rod', the pill or you could see a health advisor for different answers
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Can a 17 year old boy's parents press charges on a 18 year old if she becomes pregnant and the sex was consensual?

If he had reached the age of consent in his state it was not statutory rape. There is a small chance the judge would find the age of consent 18 if the pregnancy was planned by ( Full Answer )