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How do you know when a guy you just met a few months ago might have an interest in you when he acts kinda like it but it's hard to tell?

Answer . I think that when someone has an interest in another person, they make contact happen--like phone calls, meeting for activities and so on. If he is not able to do ( Full Answer )
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There is this girl you know friend and also you like each other you heard that girls like it when you do crazy things kinda fun things but like what can you do like that it's kinda like flirting?

Answer . Answer. Either you are flirting or you are coming on to her and neither of you realize it.. Answer . first stop trying to act like yourself .start w ( Full Answer )
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What do you do when a guy you kinda know cries?

If he will let you comfort him by a hug then give him a hug but if he turns away just tell him you are there for him if he needs you. Don't bring the situation up as guys do n ( Full Answer )
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How do you tell a guy you kinda like them?

The best way is just to tell them. Or like ask him to guess who you like and if he guesses himself say yes! The worst thing he can say is i dont like you. There are other guys ( Full Answer )
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There r 2 guys that i like and i don't know which 1 2 choose 1 is same age and makes me laugh other is 8months younger and makes me laugh both have dated people i don't like which 1 should i choose?

think wich one do you like best and who's the nicest theres no point going out with one that's not gunna treat you right answer 2 go on dates with each of them every now and ( Full Answer )
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There r 2 guys that i like and i don't know which 1 2 choose 1 is same age and makes me laugh other is 8mouth younger and makes me laugh which 1 should i choose?

no one can make this type of decision for you.. things to take into account whilst making a decision, is whether or not the age difference matters to you.. also, do you see ( Full Answer )
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I like this girl and she likes me but she kinda likes this other guy to?

If you are really worried about her going for this other guy its probably best not to fall too deep in love with her theres no point you putting your life on hold waiting for ( Full Answer )
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You love this guy and you really like him but im 2 scared 2 talk 2 him how can you show him you like him with it not being that he thinks im weird please help me THANK U?

Just say "hi, (insert name here)" to him in the hallway or wave or something. After you do that for a while, if he isn't doing anything just ask him how he is or (I'm assuming ( Full Answer )
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How does a guy let a girl know she likes him?

Just tell her. Girls like it better when you tell them, than when you keep it to yourself. Who knows, she might like you back and all you need to do is tell her. And if she do ( Full Answer )
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I really like this guy and I don't know how to tell if he likes me Can I get a guys opinion because guys kinda understand guys Btw Im in 6th grade Please answer?

i know i am a girl but i think i can help you. growing up always comes with its difficulty's but i think you should straight up ask him if he likes you as a mate. or even bett ( Full Answer )
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You are a 14 year old bisexual guy who wants to tell your friend it but you dont know how to tell him how do you tell him and i kinda like him?

if he is a really good friend then he can probably already tell you are bio sexual and don't try to come on to him unless you are sure he wants you to. if he doesn't want you ( Full Answer )
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What should you do if you like a girl a few years older than you a lot but she is in a relationship with a guy her age that you kinda know Shes 16 and Im almost 14 Please Help Me?

dont bother. chances are she wont go for someone 3 years younger than her, specialy if she already has a boyfriend. theres no point making problems for everyone involved when ( Full Answer )
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Without telling the guy you like him how do you let him know you like him?

Here is what i have always done, and so far, it has worked out everytime: You become friends with them, and i dont just mean buddies, i mean FRIENDS like real close friends an ( Full Answer )
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How do you know if your 1 or 2 people?

Experts used to believe that the Self is 'one' entity, unchanging.However, now, experts believe everyone has a multiple nature toSelf. Everyone has 'multiple' sides to their p ( Full Answer )
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One of my friends is into the other but he doesn't like her and she asked me to find out how he felt and i dont know how to tell her and i kinda really like her but am socially awkward need ASAP?

first you get off your ass and tell her how he feels, then comfort her by the way you feel. don't fall into the trap of being the "friend". that's THE WORST PLACE YOU WANT TO ( Full Answer )
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What kinda of girls do preppy guys like?

well that's kinda easy if you like a preppy guy they would like a preppy girl.....but i warn you if the guy is preppy and your not DONT CHANGE YOURSELF to fit his ( Full Answer )
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When a girl says she kinda likes a guy?

Shes obviously not sure if shes ready for a relationship. Give her some time and prove to her that your worth her time.
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What If he likes you but other girl likes him and he kinda likes her to?

talk to him about it or you'll never know what might happen. communication is a good thing. but first look at the signs for example if he hangs out more with the other girl th ( Full Answer )