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The invisible hand is?

The mechanism that works in a free-market (the market we observe in the USA or UK) which equates supply and demand. This obviously doesn't always occur, but it is the "invisible hand" that we refer to.

How are free markets controlled?

There's a concept of market forces controlling themselves, often referred to as "the invisible hand." In practice though, we see that market forces regulate themselves only until certain corporations become large enough to dominate a market.

What is the invisible hand theory?

The invisible hand theory refers to free market where people act on their self-interest that motivates individuals to generate a demand a for goods and services that forces others to deliver goods and services in the most efficient manner. This… Full Answer

Examples of the invisible hand?

There are many different types of examples of the invisible hand. The invisible hand could represent the verbal punishment a child gets for example.

How does capitalism system work?

To simplify it, it is the idea that if everyone acts in their best self interests independently, the economy will naturally turn out the most efficient outcome. This means that government or regulatory bodies do not need to be involved… Full Answer

What is capitalism and how does free market work?

capitalism is a type of economic system in which property resources are privately owned and markets and prices are used to direct and coordinate economic activities. Free market means that there is no government influence impeding upon market activities