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What is TMJFP ammo?

Total Metal Jacketed Flat Point. Many "jacketed" bullets have some lead exposed- usually at the base. TMJ wraps all of the bullet in jacketing metal. This can reduce leading of barrels, and airborne lead (indoor shooting ranges)

What are the different types of bullets?

Basically, jacketed, semi-jacketed, lead, in the following types: round nose, wadcutter, semi-wadcutter, hollow point, flat base, boat tail. as well as high velocity and soft points, as well as copper tipped HV rounds.

What type of bullets are there?

There is a bullet design/type for any application of firearms you can think of. Just as tools were developed for specific purposes, so did bullet design evolve over the years. Here's a few.... 1. Wadcutter 2. Sem-wadcutter 3. Round nose… Full Answer

Is the pipe soldered?

Copper pipe is soldered. Steel pipe is welded. Plastic pipe (pvc) is glued. There is even a type of pipe that is smoked...