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What do you ask your boyfriends ex?

Answer Why would you want to contact your boyfriends ex? You are starting a new relationship, build it upon what happens between the two of you and leave the ex out of it. You may be sorry for asking her… Full Answer

What did the Olmecs do?

The Olmecs were the first ones to establish a civilization in the mesoamerican part. the olmec did alot of things in one day. Like for a ex they did alot of work to build all those pyramids.

Tact time in production?

Tact time in production is a frequence that you beat the production: Ex: Your bussines is pen, and you build 10 pens per hour. so your tact is 10 pens per hour.

Is Gengar ex rare?

yes ex Pokemon cards are indeed rare or example:salamance ex,metagros ex,and mew ex and latios ex.

Is the word ex a pronoun?

No, the word 'ex' is an informal word (slang) for ex-wife, ex-girlfirend, ex-husband, or ex-boyfriend. As an informal word, ex is a noun (not a pronoun), a word for a person.

A list of animals with a backbone?

fish (ex: sea trout) amphibians (ex: frog) reptiles (ex: snake) birds (ex: blue jay) mammals (ex: cat) primates (ex: monkey) rodents (ex: beaver) marsupials (ex: kangaroo)