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Is duke nukem the duke from GI Joe?

well the duke from gi joe resolute/vvsv/spytroops does have the same stereotype but no,duke nukem was made by 3d relaims and duke from gi joe ws made by hasbro,there is no connection its just the duke nukem stereotype dude

Opposite of duke?

The opposite of Duke was Duchess. Duke and Duchess were titles of nobility in England. Duke is also the highest ranking hereditary title of the four titles in England.

What has the author Duke Ellington written?

Duke Ellington has written: 'Symphonies Nos. 3 & 4' 'Duke Ellington the 100th Anniversary' 'Duke Ellington' 'The Great of Duke Ellington' 'Duke Ellington - Piano' 'Duke Ellington for Jazz Guitar (Jazz Play-Along)' 'DUKE ELLINGTON STANDARDS (PIANO PLAY-ALONG V38) BKCD (Piano… Full Answer