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What are some of the breeds of goldfish?

Some common breeds of goldfish are: the Black Moor goldfish, the Ryunkin goldfish, the comet goldfish, the common goldfish, the Calico Fantail goldfish, the telescope eye goldfish, the bubble eye goldfish, the pearl scale goldfish and the Oranda goldfish.

Can you mix goldfish with shubunkins?

Shubunkins are goldfish, so therefore mixing goldfish with goldfish is usually not a problem. However, if the other goldfish are fancy then mixing them together would not be recommended.

What are fact about goldfish?

Here are some facts about goldfish 1. goldfish can live for many years some can only live up to 25 years. 2. there are severl breeds of goldfish. 3. goldfish talk to other goldfish by there gurlls. 4.goldfish can talk… Full Answer

Plural for goldfish?

Goldfishes There is no plural for goldfish. Goldfish itself is plural. Example: Hey Bob, can I see that goldfish you caught? Example2: Hey Bob, can I see those goldfish you caught?

Can tilapia live with goldfish?

No, goldfish are best with goldfish. In addition, tilapia have different needs and are quite likely to be aggressive towards the goldfish.